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Where to lock them up:

many gun owners have kids around thehouse. this makes safe storage of utmost importance.

People store guns in many different ways. Many people still have guns hidden throughout the home easily accisible if you know where they are and easily found by kids and intruders if they are snooping around. Not storing your guns safely can lead to disaster. The best way to store guns safely and securely in your home is in a gun safe. While locking cabinets are less expensive they are also not as secure. Gun safes will protect your family and your investment. We hear many stories every year where a kid got a gun from his parents' bedside stand or cabinet. Tragedy often follows. Intruders may have their own guns, but if you leave yours laying around the house for them to use you are only inviting disaster. Keep your guns locked in a safe and you will be able to rest asured that they are not in the wrong hands and your family is safe. Most gun safes on the market are also fire rated. This will help protect the great investment you have in your guns. Many gun owners worry that if they lock their guns in a safe they will not be able to get to them quick enough if they need to defend their home and family. There are many ways to ensure you can still get to your gun quickly when you need it. One favorite is small pistol safes with electronic key pads shaped like your hand. These small safes can be mounted by the bed or other places you used to hide your guns.

Gun Locks

Many states require gun locks to be handed out with every gun purchase. There are different styles of locks that work best with different types of guns. Gun locks are intended for locking unloaded guns. Many of them are designed to pass through the chamber or cylinder so you can't lock it when the gun is loaded and you can't load the gun when the lock is installed. Trigger locks are different in this way, but they are still desighed to lock an unloaded gun. Never put anything in the trigger guard of a loaded gun unless it is your funger and you intend to fire the gun.

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