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Q: Can I have a gun shipped directly to my home?

A: Generally, NO. Firearms must be shipped to a FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder. If you have a FFL then you can have firearms shipped directly to the address registered to your FFL. If you don't have a FFL you must enlist the services of someone who does to act as the transfer agent.

Q: What information do I need to give you so I can have guns shipped to Olympia Gun?

A: We need all the same information any other dealer will want when you purchase a gun. Any FFL acting as a transfer agent must complete all the normal BATF paperwork and background checks necessary when purchasing a gun at a local gun shop.

Q: Why do I need to contact you before I order my gun?

A: The dealer you order your gun from will need a copy of our FFL. We also need to start paperwork for the background check and transfer.

Q: I want my civillian AR-15 to fire 3-shot bursts like my military issue M4. Can you install a 3 shot burst kit into my AR-15?

A: No. Any part or modification designed to cause more than one round to be fired as a result of a single trigger pull is considered a "machine gun" part. We can only install machine gun parts into legally registered machine guns.

Q: I was recently told that Homeland Security has banned the possession of firearms by anyone other than US Citizens. Do you know of any new regulations that would prevent resident aliens from buying or possessing firearms?

A: As per the ATF resident aliens may purchaase and possess firearms for a few specific reasons including hunting. Washington State law provides the right to purchase and possess guns through an Alien Firearms License. Unfortunately in 2006 the FBI decided it was against certain privacy laws for anyone to pass along information from their background checks to a third party. Washington state issued the licenses through the DOL. The local law enforcement agency where the applicant resides is responsible for initiating the background checks and passing the results to the DOL. Therefore unless you already have an Alien Firearms License you will not be able to legally purchase or possess a firearm in Washington state without being guilty of a felony.

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