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Gun Sales / Buy Guns

Buy guns on line or in person. Come see us in person if you are near Olympia Washington. If not, Buy used guns and new guns from Olympia Gun and have them shipped to your loacal FFL.

Sell Guns

Need to get rid of a gun or two, or an entire collection? Olympia Gun can help. We are always looking for quality used firearms to add to our inventory.

Firearms Transfer

Do you need to hae a firearm shipped to you? You must have it shipped to an FFL holder (a federally licensed dealer). At Olympia Gun we are happy to accept delivery of your firearms and transfer them to you. Contact Olympia Gun and we will help you arrange the shipment and transfer of your guns.


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Olympia Gun's gunsmith has cut back on the amount of work he is taking on for a while, but we can still accomodate light gunsmithing work and cleaning.

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